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Fleece and Mayraki

with Danielle Duval

$10 advance

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Exclaim! Magazine, Dan Burke/NeXT Shows and Ticketfly present: "Class 2018", a Canadian show series featuring a sample of the new year's most promising musical talent - artists who make the grade and deserve to graduate. Toronto show # 4 of the series features...

Fleece is a Montreal-based band that captures a unique take on the indie rock genre. Their music features psychedelic keys, wavy harmonies, groovy bass lines, slick guitar, and loads of delicious percussion.

Fleece is perhaps most known for creating a viral video titled "How To Make An Alt-J Song" (May 2015).

Their comical take on Alt-J's songwriting structure was purposed as a silly video for their Montreal fans. Hours after posting the video to Reddit, viewers around the globe shared Fleece content throughout the world wide web. The video currently has over 4 million views and has incidentally skyrocketed Fleece's fanbase throughout the world.

Through their combined humour and dedication to making music, Fleece continues to keep audiences pandering for more shows.


"The people I truly came to see were Mayraki. As soon as they had their gear set up, there was a definite change in energy in the room. I’ve seen them twice before, and they always throw a party wherever they go. Their music has obvious roots in soul, funk, and the blues with jazz flavoring drizzled all over it all and a classic hip hop, “you can’t **** with us but we aren’t here to fight, let’s party!” attitude that makes any sane individual want to jump around and cut loose. " - A Mayraki fan


Montreal born recording artist, intrinsic rocker DANIELLE DUVAL gets set to launch “OF THE VALLEY” (Maple Music).

Delivered by a magnetically gutsy voice; the music is old school, harmony driven pop, mixed with an early rock n’ roll sensibility. The live band delivers music that is at times dreamily melodic and at others driven to feverish crescendos, all within the same track.” An encapsulation of style and grit that harkens back to the likes of Patti Smith and Joan Jett, we hereby present you with a whole new approach that redefines the explosive girl rock era that took the world by storm and surprise in the 70s and 80s. DUVAL rips her Tele axe, sings from the deep depths, and composes melodic songs with artful lyrics that leave her audience with a story told.