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Odonis Odonis

with Freak Heat Waves, Tough Age, Kurt Marble and Luge

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Based out of Toronto, Canada, Odonis Odonis came into being in 2010, taking its name from a mate of bandleader, Dean Tzenos, who was unforgettably called Adonis Adonis. Molded at a young age by the sounds of the indie, new wave and industrial mixtapes passed on by Dean's elder sisters, Odonis Odonis harkens to The Jesus & Mary Chain, Pixies, Big Black and The Cure. Like a good post-modernist, however, these influences merely colour, but do not define Odonis Odonis.

Signed to the infamous UK label, FatCat Records (international), and a triumvirate of Toronto micro-labels, Daps, Pleasence & Buzz Records (Canada), Odonis Odonis released their debut LP, Hollandaze, to critical international acclaim in November of 2011. From melodic and ethereal to brash and relentless, Odonis Odonis is the metaphysical equivalent of your favourite mixtape.