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EAT A PEACH (an Allman Brothers Band Experience)

with Mob Barley and the Railers


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Tribute To The Allman Brothers Band
Founded in the spring of 2016 Eat a Peach brings together some of Toronto's top musicians to perform live, the music of the Allman Brothers Band. Featuring powerful guitars and soulful vocals, Eat a Peach faithfully re-creates the sound of the classic jam band.

Mack Jordan (Guitar / Vocals)
Mack Jordan is a guitarist/vocalist/writer for the Toronto based groups Jackets and Bodice. In 2011 Bodice opened for The Gregg Allman Band, and Mack has been tirelessly working on his slide guitar ever since.

Josh Barkin (Keyboard / Vocals)
A versatile multi-instrumentalist specializing in jam bands, but with a formal music education in Classical and Jazz music at the Royal Conservatory and Western University. Josh has been jamming the Allman Brothers for the past 30 years. He is currently the keyboardist and a vocalist for Mars Hotel, a Grateful Dead Tribute.

Joshua Skye Engel (Guitar / Vocals)
A seasoned traveler, devoted jammer and lifelong fan of the Allman Brothers Band, Joshua Skye Engel has played for a wide variety of projects over the past 25 years. He is currently making music for eclectic audiences with Crooked House Road, Oozakazoo and RockN'Rainbow.

Eric Stein (Bass / Vocals)
An award winning, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, and artistic producer. Projects include the acclaimed Klezmer/Balkan fusion group Beyond the Pale and the Brazilian choro music ensemble Tio Chorinho. He is a member of the international supergroup Ger Mandolin Orchestra, mandolin player in the acoustic trio King Harvest, and bassist in the all-original jamband Electric Meat.

Jamie Grossman (Drums)
Jamie Grossman was born with drum sticks in hand (not a comfortable birth). Past jam bands have included Days of You, Heavy Early, Chocolate Pudding Experience and Electric Meat. Jamie can be found these days behind the kit for Mark T. Band, a tribute to the Jerry Garcia Band.

Daniel Shlagbaum (Percussion)
Daniel Shlagbaum has been playing various types of percussion for over 20 years. He has travelled to West Africa and to India to study percussion and has played in many bands in Toronto including Zygote and 12 piece Afrobeat band Ultra Magnus.



Mob Barley & The Railers are an all-star 6 man band tribute to Bob Marley. The band features members (and former members) of: The Salads, Dodger, Cheap Suits, Skratch3, Bedouin Soundclash, Sumo Cyco, Pocket Dwellers, The Next Best Thing, and more!

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