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Les Deuxluxes

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Building on the maturity aquired since the release of their 6-song mini-album Traitement Deuxluxe (2014), Anna Frances Meyer (vocals, guitar) and Étienne Barry (drums, guitar & vocals simultaneously) present their explosive debut LP. The strength of their minimalist yet efficient rock’n’roll resonates on Springtime Devil. This is the result of over 15 months of work in the studio between tours, they explain. The album has had time to evolve, to intensify, and we are proud to finally present it.

Co-produced by Francis Duchesne and carried by the duo’s signature powerful vocals and raging guitars, Springtime Devil offers a collection of 9 songs ranging from fiery rhythms (Queen of Them All, Springtime Devil, My Babe & Me) to sexier, heavier melodies (Lost, Bomb of Time, Bloody Queen).

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