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Freedom Baby

with The Nursery, Brant and Sia Shells

$10 advance

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The Nursery was started by Alex Pulec (ex-Ruby Spirit) and Victor Ess in 2013 who both attended and quit York University's music program together in Toronto, Canada. Inspired by the current post-internet music landscape and a steady diet of early electro, punk and English glam rock records, they quickly began building pieces of ambitious, eclectic songs. They soon teamed up with synth nut Jared Roth and drummer Josh English from New York and started writing with a post-modern pop sensibility.

Pulec, who pens the majority of the songs, spent years of his youth recording sounds on a 2-track cassette tape deck which belonged to the family that was originally used as a home karaoke machine. Equipped with only one microphone and a cassettes, he gradually gathered more and more instruments and churned out one experimental recording after another. Some were good, some were awful and most were just noise. The isolated process led to performances under multiple monikers spanning from densely layered, voice only pieces to freakish, fake TV show themes. Victor had his roots in making experimental electronic music, often made with wacky homemade contraptions and noise makers.

For an era obsessed with youth, we all sure love poisoning ourselves. Whether you're being born, or just about to die, we’re transitioned in and out of existence though the Nursery.