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Calvin Love

with Sunshine & The Blue Moon and Johnny de Courcy

$8.50 advance

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Unafraid to play the tease, Calvin Love walks amidst a realm of conflicting dualism. His creative demeanor blending gritty exploration and an effortlessly cool croon. He's hot and cold, twisted and beautiful and reels in your cozying affection through wistful verse, entrancing rhythms and weighty synthesized pleas. He strings you along. A thrust and a swoon, a lover lost, he asks you to come back to him. And you do. And then he leaves, with cigarette smoke marking his trail.

Through such casual flirtation, this Canadian bedroom punk out of Edmonton delivers suave and demented tunes, nostalgic and spun through otherworldly calculations. He's a stranded space captain locked in his cockpit recording his final thoughts, or a madman explorer roaming the bush with mismatched socks, good luck charms in his pocket and a rucksack of illicit findings.

Since the press widely dubbed him an "artist to watch" in 2012 with his debut New Radar LP, thanks largely to his casual knack for pop hooks and wild child experimentalism, Love returns with the "Cool" single with some new tricks in his bag. Expanding his operation with a full band, there's a new freedom that's becoming on him with charismatic certitude to his delivery. Pucker up. He's a dreary rebel of David Lynch or Jim Jarmusch's making, wrapping you around his finger like a space-lounge James Brown. Over Latin bongo beats and a soul breakdown, he hoots, It can get so cold at night. Wonder be what keeps us warm.


Sunshine & the Blue Moon choose to experiment not only with sound, but mood as well, expanding their aural landscape beyond common signifiers. Blending influences and ideas from across genres and eras spanning from early country, folk, and blues, to 60’s rock and soul, through eclectic 90’s grooves. One listen may place you on a rural country road with your high-school sweetheart, vibing on the summer breeze as it rolls through the trembling trees. While another might place you in a hot dream running through snaking city streets, dancing and grooving through the night.


A one-man band who mixes freak rock balladry, squalling guitar, and subtle hints of jazz.