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with Cherry Blaster, Anna Modo and Sages

PWYC, $5 sugg.

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PWYC show! We are proud to present Sages, Anna Modo, Cherry Blaster, and Wearenotwhoweare, some of Toronto’s most interesting live experimental electronic artists.

SAGES (Experimental Electronica / Noise Pop)
Orangeville-based songwriter, producer, singer, and performer, Sages has got “a remarkable ear for experimental pop composition” (SilentShout), in which vocals float on top of dark, obscure sounds accompanied by the ethereal voices traveling in-between. She has just released a new album called HTFl, and it's full of gems.

Anna Modo (Experimental Electronica / Trip Hop)
Anna Modo’s is a Toronto-based music producer, songwriter, singer, and audio engineer. Her music is a blend of a variety of styles including electronica, experimental and trip hop, with subtle vocals clouded by the prominent bass, sonic experiments, and hypnotic atmospheres.

Cherry Blaster (Electronica / Pop)
Cherry Blaster is Iulia Ciobanu's solo electronic/synth project. She vacillates between aggressive and dreamy soundscapes as a result of attempting to channel the driving force of punk while not being able to shake her vocal pop upbringing.

WEARENOTWHOWEARE (Experimental / Ambient Pop)
Toronto six-piece band who approach music with analog synths, ambient landscapes, and cinematic sounds. “WEARENOTWHOWEARE are interested in paradoxes…diaphanous, thoroughly synthesized, and multi-valenced pop, however, also sounds like a signal sent back from some future time”, - ChartAttack.


Vladislove (DJ set)
Vladislove will be sharing his handpicked selection of favourite downtempo and experimental music.
Music at 9:00 PM

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