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with Wolf Saga and Kira May

PWYC, $8 sugg.

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Handlebar is excited/ecstatic to present some of the city’s most fascinating and forward-thinking electronic pop artists all on one huge PWYC bill (suggested $8). Including:


Uptempo electronic pop weighed down by the world’s melancholy. Digits has opened for St. Vincent, Gary Numan, Lydia Ainsworth, and Blue Hawaii.

“Synth-pop to stand alongside the Human League's Dare." - The Guardian
"Spare electro-pop infused with a soft, hooky warmth." - The Fader


In a short time, the synth-pop/rock mastermind has brought his uniquely uplifting and thoughtful indie-pop out of the bedroom to the multitudes, including performances at WayHome and headlining the National Aboriginal Day festivities as part of Toronto's Luminato Festival. A huge talent on the way up.

“Heartwarming indie pop.” - Noisey
“Unique electro-pop.” - CBC
“Beautiful and emotionally stirring synth music.” - MUCH


Gorgeous, meticulously arranged electronic pop from one of Toronto’s best talents. May has shared stages with Jean-Michel Blais, Absolutely Free, Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors), and DIANA, and will be releasing her first first full-length album Sense in 2018, exploring themes of pleasure, over-stimulation, panic and depression.

New video for "Muscle Memory":

“May concocts intricate arrangements that centre on her voice, from chopped-up vocal riffs to rhythmic exhales.” - Exclaim


Inventive, exploratory synth-pop, the Toronto foursome is fresh off their finest release yet, the Good Cake EP, following a number of wonderful singles since 2015. Their Bandcamp holds many treasures.

Poster by Mike Pereira
PWYC (suggested $8)

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