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Ocean Potion

with Teen Ravine and Wax Atlantic

$10 advance, $13 door

From the Promoter


Ocean Potion. That’s the name of this band. Mike O’Brien and Jason Haberman started to write and record songs together after a joyous tour with Zeus and Yukon Blonde (respectively). The two really bonded one night on the road while Mike and his colleagues started jamming carrot sticks and cauliflower chunks into Jason’s eyes, ears, nose and throat. After coming to their senses they realized they had more in common than vegetables and decided to make a document of these commonalities in the form of an LP. Their debut album is set to be released later this year. The live band is rounded out with Jay McCarol of Brave Shores and Dave Azzolini of Forces. Bon Appetit!


Teen Ravine are a great band that we wanted to do a show together with. It is a project from members of Dwayne Gretzky. They recently opened for July Talk at Massey Hall and are also planning a release of the debut record this spring.