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Mother Tongues

with Eyeballs, Slutcode and Weak Hands

PWYC, $8 sugg.

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From the Promoter

Handlebar presents a night of hands, tongues, and eyeballs! Bring your facial features to see these magnificent ones! PWYC!

// Mother Tongues

Electrifying psych-rock odysseers, their new single “Fortunes” resides among us now, it rules.

// Eyeballs

“The primordial stannic sludge has finally begun its ascent from within the planet’s molten core. It has equipped itself with arpeggiators, drum machines, tape loops.” - Weird Canada

// Slutcode

Artpunk no-wavers just exploded into existence with these blistering demos.

// Weak Hands

Someone once described them as "melodic punk".

PWYC (suggested $8)

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