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Dawa Apothecary

All Ages

$40 advance

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Mother’s Day: Speed Date Brunch
A Celebration of Nurturing and Community
Bring your mother and enjoy a brunch in communion with other women who embody ‘nurturing’ role. Ticket price includes admission for two.
Our Brunch allows you to bring and treat someone who represents ‘mothering’ and nurtures your spirit. Our event inspires conversation and the art of getting to know another ‘mother’. Each participant will be paired with another ‘mother’ to inspire intergenerational conversation.
- Dawa Apothecary


We are a health and wellness social club for women of colour. We are focused on the holistic approach to creating practical solutions to everyday problems.

What does Dawa mean?
The word ‘Dawa” is derived from the Swahili word for medicine.

Why an apothecary?
For us, Dawa is the core principle that runs through all our actions as we deliver different interactions from workshops, discussions and networking events.

Creating a roster of Dawa co-creators to help you along your journey in caring for yourself.

The business is rooted in a feminist and empathy based approach.