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Toshimaru Nakamura & Martin Taxt and Joyful Talk

with Sound Of The Mountain

$10 door

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Toshimaru Nakamura & Martin
Sound Of The

From the Promoter

Japanese no-input mixer noise artist Toshimaru Nakamura teams up with Norwegian avant jazz tuba player Martin Taxt. Touring behind their second record as a duo "Listening to the Footsteps of Living Ones Who Are Still on the Ground" Nakamura processes Taxt's deep tuba tones. He mutants wavering grumbles and bass driven hum into clipping static and gurgling chunks of noise. Their sound together is cohesive and organic. It crackles and screeches like electricity weaving it's way through sheets of metal. Nakamura whips Taxt's tuba tones into a tropical storm of stereo chaos. Truly the dynamic duo. Not to be missed!

Nova Scotian electronic duo gears up to release a new disc on Constellation. Pulsating rhythms drive forward under soothing synth tones. angular drum machine texture grow rampant. Balancing ambient moods, meandering bleeps & bloops, and krautrock inspired synthesis Joyful Talk moves from the dark realms of space to the avant dance lounge. Spectral electronics bounce of each other. This pair builds structure where there was only wayward notes.

Ottawa amplified clarinet and trumpet duo of Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pederson take the minutia and blow it up. Heavy breathing tones, air wandering through metallic passages. Muted roars twirl and float in their expanse of quiet harsh noise.

All Ages

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