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Mineta and Vinyl Hero



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CIRCUS PARTY METALl!! If Cirque du Soleil fucked a rock band this is their baby! A Fire Breathing, freak show-weaving, rock n’ roll extravaganza. Drummer’s on fire, nails in the head, death defying stunts. Restless performance by four world class circus performers with a healthy dose of sideshow. A unique brand of heavy music. In other words, exactly what you didn’t know you’re looking for: MINETA!


Vinyl Hero seamlessly blend heavy, blues and country to produce catchy alternative rock revolving around heartfelt lyrics and vintage tones. The band refused to produce cut and paste rock n’ roll and rely on the talents of Ray Howard to lead the charge as their lead vocalist and guitarist. Costa Siarlis is another founding member who drives the undeniably jazzy bass lines and subtle backing vocals. 2016 marks the tenth anniversary for the Montreal locals, in 2013 they released ‘The 13’, which was around the same time that they gained two new members, Rami Barbir on guitars and the Belgian giant Tibz on drums.