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Efrim Manuel Menuck

with Fet.Nat, Fresh Snow and Scattered Clouds
All Ages

$15 advance, $18 door

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From the Promoter

Founding member of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Silver Mt. Zion, Efrim Manuel Menuck returns to Toronto accompanied by Kevin Doria (Growing) to play some heavy material of his newest solo record "Pissing Stars" out now on Constellation. Blossoming guitar and synth swells mingle with each other over drum machine beats. Menuck's voice glows in it's low-fi effected glory, as the layers of reverb slip away. Synth tones glisten in a dance with warbling electronics. Efrim's guitar work is as full and enveloping as ever.

Hull, Quebec weirdos pump out the angular no wave jams. Demonic vocals beathe over tight rhythms, locked in guitar grooves and spaced out sax squeals. Pulling percussive tendancies out of some Warp meets 99 Record vortex, Fet.Nat bounces from abbrassive textures to beat driven gestations. Samples & electronics play with errant saxophone howls. Drawing influence from nyc no wave, the spastic tendancies of noise rock bands like Melt Banana, Old Time Relijun and contemporary electronic experimentalists, this mutant baby is a must see live experience! Big up Hull!

Toronto kraut quartet adventures in the round. Undying synth lines and guitar fuzz merge into one vibrating beast driven by a drum beat locked into the warbling distortion. More space music for the 22nd century. Constantly moving forward building the humming, buzzing, clattering structure that is Fresh Snow. Rough guitar notes cut through pulsating fuzz to converse with formless electronics. Hard psych noodling becomes a back drop for groove repetition. Hints of jangle pop dig themselves out of a squealing wall of sound. Don't miss this space kraut unit about to alter life as know it.

Another Hull, Quebec mutation Scattered Clouds are the soundtrack to some cold war science fiction apocalypse. Heavy bass tones rumble underneath cold synth blast & swells. Clattering noise deconstruction. Driving percussion form the heart of this wayward world. Krautrock with a dark industrial tinge, bass lines almost bounce in this chilling landscape. Find these guys down some back alley jamming in a shipping container.

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Co-presented with Wavelength Music Series & Boiled Records.

This Show: $15 Adv / $18 Door / 4-Show Pass: $55 / All Show Pass: $95

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