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Baby Labour

with Luge, Bare Claws and See Beau

PWYC, $10 sugg.

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From the Promoter

Baby Labour made a tape and a book. It will be publicly available for the first time at this particular show. I had the challenge of engineering and mixing the thing. We are very excited to share it with y'all. Blessings be upon you.

Luge is my favourite band in the land. I've gotten much more dumb over the past few years but Luge are sharp as tacks. I like to try and figure out all the wacky shit they do.

Bare Claws is a band I have been playing in for a very long time with some dear friends of mine. I love to do chilling with these folk. We have been working on a bunch of newish stuff, so that should be siicc to break out and try to get er goin.

Sea Beau is Cass n crew doing vibin out. I haven't seen this particular incarnation of the group so i'm real happy that they can let it get wide open for us on this occasion. Every time I have seen Sea Beau do the thing it's been a unique experience, so i'm p excited to see what they got cookin.


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