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Invisible Out

with New Tendencies and Mitchell Akiyama

PWYC, $7 sugg.

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PWYC ($5-$7 suggested)

An evening of eclectic electronic and experimental music with:

Invisible Out

Toronto composer / guitarist Jason Doell, and interdisciplinary artist & performer Xuan Ye team up to unveil some song based material that sees them dabble in the louder end of the sonic spectrum. Expect the dissonance & abstract beauty present in both of their compositional work to make an appearance here. Balancing on the edge of chamber music & noise / electro-acoustic music both Jason & Xuan pull together these often disconnected, but not to dissimilar universes.

New Tendencies

Improvised minimal rhythms and drones subjected to bursts of noise. New Tendencies is the solo project of Several Futures guitarist Matt Nish-Lapidus, exploring repetition, drones, and generative music through modular synthesis.

New album, L5, coming out July 13 on Forking Paths.

Mitchell Akiyama

Mitchell Akiyama most makes almost music. Mostly organized, inferred allusion to an almost beat. Mostly tuned and tempered almost melodic almost structures. He will perform on a system that almost makes sound that when wired almost makes all, most music.

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