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with Geek Weekend

$8 door

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.. Mikrosleep . An audio project which explores extremely short unfamiliar samples ources in periodic and aperiodic forms, invoking the transition into phenomenological awareness of consciousness. Pseudonym derived from the smallest quanta of sleep, occurring when a person simply slips into unconsciousness for brief moments. Dasein. Robertson Holt (AKA Mikrosleep) has a BA in Transpersonal Psychology and has been playing with sound since the Apple][.

.. GEEK WEEKEND . Geek Weekend found great pleasure in making beets and pirating a capellas, none of which will be used in their upcoming set at Handlebar. Expect the unexpectable, and wear your golf shoes.


PiNG doors open at 8:30pm . 1st set at 9:00 . $8-10

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