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Edna King

with KYLO, MAKS and Champa


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Frequencies is back with a mix of techo, pop, and hip hop.

Edna King (Modern Math) - Uncanny robot-human vocals float above ambient synth textures, dissonant harmonies and filtered glitches punctuate rhythms driven into overdrive—yet for all its electronic dynamism, Edna King's music flows with a markedly human emotional undercurrent. (via Mutek)

Kylo - electronic/ pop artist, KYLO is hard at work making a name for herself, and playing many venues in and around Toronto, such as Danforth Music Hall (NXNE), The Horseshoe Tavern, The Drake, and more.

Maks - Ukranian-Russian-Canadian multi-genre producer, composer, and performer. His lastest EP is described as "Removed by acts of injustice and brutality, this music is dedicated to my many lost loved ones. "

Champa - From the ashes of this exotic aroma emerged Champa the resented child of poetry. From the smoke of this eastern candle, billowed a performer with an obsession for self-expression and discreet word play. Observation has torn this young man’s shell, releasing himself of who he once was, which breaths life into his lyricism. Social norms quickly caught Champa’s attention as he began reflecting on such issues in order to illustrate the human condition.

Huose MC - Jackmoves

Doors at 9


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