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Billy Moon

with Girlfriend Material and Meanwood

$9.50 advance

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From the Promoter


Billy Moon is a band that currently operates outside/inside/kind-of general-area of Hamilton. Stop listening to bad music, and listen to ShittyRocknRoll. This show celebrates the release of their new LP.


New band, but most people already know 2 of the members: Graham Wright of Tokyo Police Club and Jake Boyd of Hollerado.


"Meanwood is what your mother tried to warn you about. Meanwood is as sexy as sin, and almost as much fun. Band frontwoman, Viktoria Belle, is a diminutive, brazen hussy with a voice like velvet and vodka; and yet her all-male bandmates can more than keep up, making for one hell of a powerful show." - Spill Magazine

"By the time the band belted out an expressive and brilliantly performed "Sister Sin", the level of fan/band interaction peaked. It felt like something that can't quite be explained was being exchanged between the band members and the crowd, a sensation that happens at some of the best concert experiences." - Pete Nema, Sticky Magazine

"Every so often you hear the first twenty seconds of a song by a new band, and you immediately know that this band is one hell of a party live. Meanwood is one of these bands. Buy this EP. Now." - TAPE Magazine (US)