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Graham Kartna

with Haseeb


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From the Promoter

A nice mix of experimental electro, techno, hip hop, and beat production. As always all sets are live, and cover is PWYC.

Graham Kartna - "Anything acrobatic like jumping into a mushroom in Super Mario or twerking on a magic carpet; anything umami like wasabi peas or a McDonald’s playpen; anything soothing like bicycles, Swedish fish, and submarines; anything glossy like inkjet prints, Shaq’s head, and ice cream scoopers; anything gooey like weed brownies, Snorlax and butter cake; anything chatty like Waiting For Godot, Heath Ledger’s Joker, and tropical birds; anything computerized like hoverboards, iRobots, and dishwashing machines; anything flexible like ballet dancers..." Just listen.

Haseeb (LA) - "Raised in California’s Inland Empire by his immigrant parents, HASEEB is an emcee and producer who currently resides and creates out of Los Angeles. As first generation American, HASEEB is a practicing Muslim. His experiences as a Muslim American millennial create the cultural backdrop for a unique narrative not often found in Hip Hop music." Should just listen tho...

City Dance Corporation (live debut) -

Forth co-founder Lukas Switlicki's new project mixes dance music cliches and improvised chaos. City Dance Corporation presents a vulnerable live set that fashions transient sounds with meaningless spoken word.

Nothing online, but based on the set that was sent to me, you're gonna wanna see this.

TBA - A special guest appearance from the mysterious ???. No one knows who he is, or where he came from...but he plays fire.

House MC: Jackmoves - MC + producer + vocal master mind.

Cover - PWYC

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