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Jerry Leger

with Lindy and Kenny Roby

$10 door

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At heart, Canadian singer-songwriter Jerry Leger is driven by a quest to convey in his own manner the purity embedded in the grooves of the vintage rock, country and blues recordings he so dearly loves. This trait attracted support from fellow singer/songwriters like Ron Sexsmith and his staunchest ally, producer and label head Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies, who signed Jerry to his label, Latent Recordings/Warner Music Canada in 2013. He has been called “one of Canada’s best” by Exclaim, a “gifted storyteller” by The Toronto Star and "One of the best Canadian songwriters" by Rolling Stone. His latest release, the Polaris longer listed Nonsense and Heartache is a 2-record set showcasing the two major musical sides of him. The idea was spearheaded by Timmins with Nonsense displaying Leger’s rock ‘n’ roll and bluesy grit while Heartache is a more folk-roots-melodic expression.

"One of the best songwriters I've heard in quite some time." - Ron Sexsmith


Lindy Vopnfjörd is a Canadian-Icelandic musician with the rare ability to capture poetically in lyric and sound such profound nuance in modern stories. Humble and heroic human dramas seldom sang so spectacularly as this. Vopnfjörd is a proficient storyteller who distills human experience into the vital emotions that define a moment so crisply, and memorably. Residing now in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood, Vopnfjörd and his ongoing artistry are a testament to both the continued support of an artistic family, and reflect the musical pedigree of the artistic community in which he is immersed. Frozen In Time is produced by award-winning composer Todor Kobakov, who has worked with many prominent acts such as Lights, Metric, Stars, and Dan Mangan. Frozen In Time, like its title, will throw you back to an era where folk artists like Bob Dylan sang songs as calls to action against social injustice and when Leonard Cohen wrote you with a challenge to contemplate your attractions. Vopnfjörd’s quiet confidence permeates the album, inviting the listener in to his world of wisdom and attention to social consciousness, human rights, political oppression – and tenderness.


Founding member of Raleigh, North Carolina's 6 String Drag. Their 1997 album “High Hat” was released to national critical acclaim (co-produced by Steve Earle and Ray Kennedy and released on Earle’s Warner Brothers imprint label E-Squared). In 1998, Roby went solo and released three excellent but vastly different solo records: Mercury’s Blues, Rather Not Know, and The Mercy Filter. His most recent album is Memories & Birds.

"He's phenomenal." - Ryan Adams