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The Cosmic Range and Tonstartssbandht

with Nadja, Insect Ark, Pantayo, Craig Dunsmuir's Dun Dun Band, Contact, Deenzi, Allison Cameron and Tina Pearson
All Ages


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Intersection Day 2 featuring:

Toronto boggie psych big band brainchild of Matthew "Doc" Dunn featuring a who's who corral of Toronto's finest players including, Kieran Adams (Diana), Brandon Valdivia (NTW,NTF / Lido Pimienta), Mike "Muskox" Smith (Jennifer Castle, Sandro Perri), Jonathan Adjemian, Max "Slim Twig" Turnbull, Andy Haas (John Zorn), and Isla Craig (U.S. Girls, IC/JC/VC). Spacious psych grooves build into trance like passages where the flowing rhythm is king. Dual percussionists move effortlessly as one, while Dunn's organ tones float over top, mingling with crunching guitar notes, and purring saxophone. Mangled guitar fuzz parades with sprinkles of electronics. This is an ensemble in constant motion, the ultimate avant groove band, bringing the deepest funk laden with a chaotic energy. Sounding half like some lost 70's spiritual psych funk LP, and half like music for the spaceways!

Florida based duo of brothers Andy & Edwin create minimalism influenced psych garage punk. The stripped down duo of guitar & drums with both filling in on vocal duties builds entrancing structures of out these rudimentary elements. Beautiful vocal moments fill valleys as the songs move from ripping guitar riffing psych jams to soulful, almost mystical devotional hymns. Guitar passages chase their tails amidst seemingly free form meandering, only to land back onto the sweetest notes. Driving drum patterns with flashing cymbal flares fuel this avant rock shred session. Meditative chords, soft yet angular move with ease under languid mantra like vocals, and swift rhythms. Vocals slip into effects as the brother ramp up their cosmic connection. Seriously one of the best contemporary rock bands of our time. Beautiful, aggressive, spiritual, trance inducing rippers. What more can you ask for?

Toronto via Berlin doom / drone metal duo of Aidan Baker & Leah Buckareff return to their home turf for what is sure to be a heavy performance. Guitar notes waver & glisten amidst a sea of rumbling bass drones. Like a caustic current from the deep, warped patterns emerge amongst oppressive walls of articulated feedback. Harsh becomes meditative. New record "Sonnborner" out September 4th!

Brooklyn psychedelic doom duo of Dana Schechter (ex-Angels Of Light) on bass / lap steel and Ashley Spungin on drums / electronics return to Toronto in support of their new record "Marrow Hymns" on Profound Lore. Spiraling lap steel notes tangle themselves into a impenetrable web over prodding drum patterns. Crawling forward with the weight of the world. Masses of decaying frequencies, let the avalanches of distortion & refraction envelop themselves as they twist & bend like scrap metal. Heavy bass notes fill in a meditatively heavy sonic experience.

Toronto gong ensemble Pantayo creates music grounded in the kulintang traditions of Maguindanaon & T'boli peoples of the Philippines. Merging traditional sounds with synthesizers & drum machines their music lives in a space between sonic worlds. Rhythmically driven Pantayo's compositions still feel spacious and light. Pop influenced vocals dance with the timbres of their gongs.

Composer, guitarist, DJ, Toronto musical master mind Craig Dunsmuir (Glissandro 70, Kanada 70, Off World collaborator) bring his Dun Dun Band out from hibernation. The rhythmically multifaceted ensemble pulls influence from ethio-jazz, funk, and spiritual jazz merging it with more free form elements from the avant world. Dunsmuir's trademark playfulness is at work here as multiple percussionists and saxophone players create a complex realm of textures over songs subtly egged on by synth & guitar concoctions. One of the great avant beat party bands that are still a well kept secret. Not to me missed!

Toronto contemporary classical ensemble feels more like a rock band, or a group of avant jazz experimentalists. In a time of melting genres & lost classification Contact is a shoe in. This year at Intersection they will perform a "Root Blood Fractal Breath" by Victoria composer Tina Pearson.

Toronto duo of Andy Yue (synth / electronics) and Heidi Chan (flute / electronics) create trance like alternative future music that draws influences from new age, ambient, and traditional Chinese musics. Hovering flute drones live above a glitched out panorama of electronic notes and disruptions. Rhythmic synthesized sounds sway with gurgling bleeps, and bouncing sine waves. Verging on meditative Chan & Yue's processed tones reference some alternative future where cyborgs fight to keep their human half alive.

Experimental composer & musician Allison Cameron (c_RL) has been part of Toronto's improvised music scene for almost 2 decades. Her work in that realm often centers around various miniature amplifiers, keyboard, electronics, ukuleles, small guitars & other toys. Things crackling in & out, a sort of short circuiting chaos, full of warm tones, bumbling distortion and tin-y sine waves. Sounding like a bunch of joyfully broken children's toys & errant doorbells, radio static and a toy keyboard fight for prominence in Allison's aural ocean. Bleeps & bloops emerge only to sink back into slumber underneath some AM garbling. Cameron's free form sonic lexicon is truly playful.

Victoria based composer & sound artist Tina Pearson presents a site specific installation piece entitled "This Is For You". Pearson's interactive installation piece will invite those in the square to work with her to alter electronic scores augmented with environmental sounds both past & present. Using the sonic textures of Yonge-Dundas Square as a jumping off point for exploration, her piece will run between sets from 2pm onward.

This event would not be possible without support from Canadian Heritage, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council - Conseil des arts de l'Ontario, SOCAN Foundation - Fondation SOCAN, Canadian Music Centre, Moog Audio, Revue Cinema and The City of Toronto

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