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with Honey Beard, Lavender Bruisers and House Sounds

PWYC, $8 sugg.

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From the Promoter

Fresh off of a summer European tour, and the release of his brilliant new album “Okvir”, Handlebar is stoked to present underground pop auteur ENSH at the peak of his powers, on a lineup of innovative and eclectic pop practitioners. Early Sunday show! PWYC, suggested $8.

In order of appearance:

// House Sounds

A new project from n//k, known for their sparse, creepy yet wondrous, ambient pop.

// Lavender Bruisers

Impassioned anthems from a performer once described as a cross between Lou Reed and Madonna. Uber-catchy yet oh-so-lo-fi, she just released her debut EP “Join the Cult” this summer and it’s the best.

// Ensh

Sample-heavy Serbian-language electro-pop, Ensh’s newest album “Okvir” is a treasure of brilliant songwriting and sonic recombinating. It even samples Rupa!

// Honey Beard

Darkly glistening electronic pop music, the masterful synthpop duo is hard at work on their followup to 2017’s terrific “Dreamless Sleep”. Perhaps we’ll get some glimpses of their next expedition through the smoke and lasers!

Doors 8 PM
PWYC / suggested $8

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