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TsuShiMaMiRe and Bad Waitress

$10.50 advance

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Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re (つしまみれ, TSMMR) is an all-girl Japanese rock trio.
"Undoubtedly and unashamedly, Tsushimamire are the best band in the world. Our obsession is justifiable with the Japanese rock trio’s career, which spans almost 2 decades with an extraordinary output of an album out almost every single year since 2007. Unbelievably, there’s not a single dull moment across their entire discography." -- Cat Brain Land

Yup, any band with that much staying power has gotta have the magic.
If you like Shonen Knife and/or The, this is a show for you.


From Toronto and Royal Mountain Records, Bad Waitress are all-girl punk rock band who everyone loves and are rapidly on their way to international acclaim.