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with Slutcode, Digits and Leather Jacuzzi

$8 door

From the Promoter

Handlebar is cautiously excited about this showcase of possibly evil doppelgangers of pop icons past! What could go wrong? CARBON COPY is a celebration of the cover song in its purest, most costumed form, as bands assume the identities of their forebears and channel their unearthly energies. DJ Little Kicks playing all covers in between bands and after the show! Featuring:

Q: Are We Not DEVO? A: We Are Not!
Members of First Base, Vanity Phase, and Tough Age perform DEVO’s pantheonic first album in its entirety.

The Stooges
As possessed by members of Leather Jacuzzi (Calgary)

Roxy Music
Conjured by Goosebump, with members of Weaves, Blonde Elvis

Members of Slutcode exhume the early New York years

Digits rekonstruieren die berühmten Robotermänner

With DJ Little Kicks (Synthesexer)

$8-10 sliding scale
Poster by Kenton


Handlebar is not officially wheelchair accessible, as there is a small lip at the front door (ramp available). All washrooms are gender-neutral and washrooms on the main floor are wheelchair friendly. All Handlebar staff are trained in dealing with emergency situations, and creating a safe space.

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