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Ami Dang

with Korea Town Acid and New Chance

$10 door

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Baltimore based vocalist, electronic artist & sitar player Ami Dang takes classical indian music modes & melds them with dark avant pop electronics. Her voice infectious like a fog, drifts everywhere through her compositions. Electronic glitched beats & manipulated drones sweat out hints of avant garde noise textures, subdued as they dance with silky sitar tones and Ami's soaring full bodied vocals. Her upcoming album sees Dang dive deep into a world of layered sitar textures morphed into active pulsating structures through twisting electronics. Intricate sound worlds blossom & decay as Ami weaves wavering notes & dissonant hums together in a beautiful marriage.

Toronto based free form beat manipulator Jessica Cho creates swinging dance rhythms that draw from disassembled minimalism, free jazz and the more avant-garde corners of techno. With a background as a classically trained pianist Cho brings a fresh prospective to the beat driven landscape, letting seemingly abstract rhythms linger and mingle with moody textures. Her tracks ebbs and flow as electronic pulses, beats, and clicks coalesce only to transform once again. Manicured peaks and valleys are dotted with hints of what's to come. Sonic clues lost in a feeling. Check her newest LP "Mahogani Forest" on Cosmic Resonance!

Vic Cheong's posi beat project sees slowly flowering electronic textures mingle with bopping drum machine rhythms, and effected vocals. Lines blur between glitched vocal effects and shaking electronic beats. Whispers become spiritual drones. New age textures amped up with fresh rhythms. Vic takes you on the celestial journey merging the dance and drone zones.

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