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Vampire Belt

with Horseman, Pass By and American Standard Trio

$12 door

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Percussionist Chris Corsano (Bjork, Paul Flaherty, Mick Flower, etc) and guitarist Bill Nace (Body/Head) return to Toronto with their ecstatic free form duo Vampire Belt. Angular guitar blasts, crunching noise distortion and electronic squeals emit from Nace's rig. Free music percussion maverick Chris Corsano plays in the peaks and valley of Nace's guitar swells. Moving around the kit like a gust of wind, the patter of a million feet. Wavering distortion hums with caterwauling cymbals. Vampire Belt fins that sweet spot between the raw aggression of punk, the the intensity of noise and the swing of free jazz.

Ottawa / Peterborough duo of cellist Mark Molnar & percussionist Bennett Bedoukian, both ripping it to the next level with some electronic manipulation. They arrive in Toronto to support their new LP "All Curses Are Mirrors". Creaking cello dances in a call & response with chunks of percussive energy. Distorted scratchy strings finally break free, gnawing against each other. Bedoukian's frantic bursts on the kit pulse against Molnar raw cello drones that are the undercurrent is their tense and frenetic dialogue.

New Toronto electro acoustic collage trio finds beauty in haunting drones. Driving by an understated rhythmic under pinning American Standard Trio mashes up warped violin vamps like some haunted house soundtrack. Chimes and flute tones pierce through their improvised structures. The fog sets in. Distorted vocals sound like some indoctrinated subway service announcement. Grounding piano notes shimmer through electro-acoustic rubble. Call these guys for your Halloween Ouija board party.

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