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Charlie Looker

with Tryal and Clarinet Panic Reduxx

$10 door

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NYC singer, composer, guitarist & avant-garde veteran Charlie Looker (Psalm Zero, Extra Life, Dirty Projectors) returns to Toronto in support of his newest solo outing "Simple Answers". True to form Looker juxtaposes his haunting carefully crafted vocals with tense string arrangements and harsh drum machine beats. Larger than life compositions bear the weight of the world, as he weaves his end of times hymns over them. Angular blasts melt into creeping understated flourishes. Sitting somewhere between contemporary chamber and gothic pop these new songs draw on Looker's plethora of experience using pop idioms to subvert themselves in some perverse setting. Probably his most fully formed work to date! Don't miss these solo renditions of Looker's brutal ghostly orchestra pieces.

Alex Samaras' dreamy electronic pop influenced compositions float through the atmosphere like it's the lazy river. Synth & manipulated guitar notes are a stream for layers of vocals drifting over top. Samaras' coos become repeated mantras as drum beats paddle along. Smooth textures birth a new type of healing song. Ambient nods are like silk whispers passing in the night.

Deluxx becomes Redux as Clarinet Panic return to the public arena for your pleasure & pain! Hectic dream jams from cellist Cory Latkovich, avant percussionist/eccentric genius D. Alex Meeks (Hooded Fang, Holiday Rambler), saxophonist Karen Ng (Andy Shauf, Convergence Ensemble, etc) and guitarist Sebastian Shinwell. Clattering ahead like the score to a never ending horror film, inching towards climax as cello and sax play a game of back & forth only to be driven forward by systematically antagonistic drum patterns and their own instrumental curiosity. Rigid breakdowns give way to seemingly free form guitar & sax chaos, only to slam us back in the exacting grid like patterns with more force & precision that ever before. Bastard chamber music meets math rock. Sponsored by Beef Jerky Unlimited.

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