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with Paul Kwitek

$10 door

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THE AMBiENT PiNG presents naw + Paul Kwitek + General Chaos Visuals

.. naw . naw's long awaited return to THE AMBiENT PiNG comes with an equally happy announcement. The release of his newest album "Staring at the sun from the spirit pit" His fourth release on the paper+sound label, ten years in the making and one of naw's most personal releases to date. Using field recordings, found sounds, live instrumentation and synthesized interpretations, naw weaves seven personal experiences into a story taking the listener through a process that blurs the line between reality and subconscious experiences. This album asks what is real and what is imagined. Borrowing from his own academic studies in transpersonal anthropology, naw tells his own story by looking at the relationship between altered states of consciousness and the culture we live in, that strives to explain experience in tangible easy-to-grasp ways. How do you explain something that are purely experiential by nature? naw began composing electronic music over 30 years ago with explorations in audio art and experimental music. His interest in sound and technology has led him to a continued questioning and refinement of audio tools and modes of production resulting in experimentation with altered instruments, modified devices and custom software environments. naw’s music is warm, atmospheric and cinematic. With sound design firmly grounded in the traditions of dub studio culture alongside the more formal style of contemporary composition, naw’s music defies classification.

.. Paul Kwitek . Born in Lublin Poland Paul Kwitek is an award winning Music Producer and Composer who defines a vast musical landscape. Integrating infectious groove-based dance music with the sounds of nature, exotic instrumentation, immersive soundscapes and ethnic world vocals. His techniques have resulted in unique musical experiences that are laced with visual imagery, raw energy and emotion. During the late 1990’s Paul immigrated to Toronto to start a new life which was also the beginning to his music Career. In 2000 he completed his diploma in Audio Engineering Technology and went on to study more music theory at Frederick Chopin’s Music school in Mississauga, Canada. Since then, Paul has been relentless in writing a constant stream of very well received compositions. Paul Kwitek is always expanding his musical range by crossing over different stylistic and musical genres and coming up with a unique and versatile sound which he describes as World Electronic Music.


PiNG doors open at 8:30pm . 1st set at 9:00 . $8-10

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