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Edna King

with Obuxum and Bliptor


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Pay-what-you-can show! This month we have a uniquely Frequencies lineup. Four artists, four different scenes, four amazing live sets. A mini-festival. A cole's notes for live electronic music. A night not to be missed.

Edna King -

Uncanny robot-human vocals float above ambient synth textures, dissonant harmonies and filtered glitches punctuate rhythms driven into overdrive—yet for all its electronic dynamism, Edna King's genre-defying music flows with a markedly human emotional undercurrent.

A classically trained pianist, King played keyboards and sang in Toronto synth-pop bands for several years before embarking on solo electronic production. She has hot off her spectacular set at Mutek Montreal, she is set to share her music with an international audience at Mutek Mexico.


Toronto-based Somali-Canadian producer and beatmaker Muxubo Mohamed, whose distinct and characteristic sound is carving its own space across Toronto.

She has appeared at the Halifax Pop Explosion, Electric Eclectics Venus Fest, and was named one of NOW Magazine musicians to watch in 2018.


Blip†or is a Toronto DJ, Singer & Songwriter and founding member of Raven's Vision is a queer collective from Toronto that has put events on since the beginning of 2018. The collective includes Myst Milano, and Casey MQ.

$ensi BoY (Skweezy C)

Equally as inspired by Lil B as he is by Juan Atkins, Skweeezy C has become known for his spastic live sets, delivering his unique flow with frantic punk energy. He is the founder and leader of the Sensi Boyz, a collective of artist frequently collaborating with MadAdaM, Noah23, Ferenc Stenton and Motëm. Are you ready for the Sensi Boyz love embrace?

House MC - Jackmoves

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