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Viva Non

with Cherry Blaster and Ando Laj


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From the Promoter

Viva Non is an electronic synth punk/new wave project by James Hofer. Darkness meets light, melody meets dissonance. A narcissistic love song written for dance parties in dark hallways. The Negative Gain recording artist has recently released ‘Shaping Dust And Out Autonomy’ on September 7th, worldwide.

Cherry Blaster started as Iulia Ciobanu's solo electronic/synth project, but like any music baby/child it is perpetually growing into new forms. Juggling the desire to break hearts, blow minds, achieve the optimal shred, and make you dance/feel badass, her music is always only temporarily definable. Cherry Blaster released Sleep Depraved in 2017, her first album to see the light of day after years of discarded bedroom attempts. She hopes one day to be able to concoct something deliciously genre-less, and also to shriek like Courtney Love without expiring into cough attacks.

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