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Marlon Chaplin

with Rebelle and The Commoners

$8 advance

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Forging his musical roots in Toronto as a co-writer/founding member of acclaimed rock 'n' roll act Broken Bricks, Marlon Chaplin has and continues to write, produce and perform with unstoppable and unflappable vigor. Among his many collaborations and projects, he is a member of street folk troubadours Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party as well as the rustic powerhouse that is Ada Dahli & the Pallbearers.

Chaplin displays an uncanny ability to draw from a wellspring of influences, never letting one overshadow the other. Shining a light on the ragged beauty of the mundane and spinning stories both tragic and inspiring, he infuses his own brand of sardonic wit and unique perspective in the vein of artists like Elvis Costello, Jack White and Beck.