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Russell Louder

with Hush Pup, Precious Jewel, Akage No Anne and Dinah Thorpe

PWYC, $10 sugg.

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From the Promoter

Silent Shout is unbelievably excited to host the first-ever Toronto show of Charlottetown, PEI electronic pop sensation Russell Louder! Fresh from signing to Lisbon Lux Records and performances at Pop Montreal and Sled Island, they’re at the beginnings of a brilliant career, come check them out! With newly returned hometown heroes of dream-pop Hush Pup!! (They just released one of the best records of the year.) And this magnetic talent cluster has attracted three supermassive synth/experimental pop geniuses: Precious Jewel, Akage no Anne, and Dinah Thorpe! Oodles of electropoodles, let us gather to hear their historic sounds!

// Russell Louder
“The performance artist putting Eastern Canada's electronic scene on the map.” - THUMP

// Hush Pup
“Listen to Flower Power” - The actual ocean

// Precious Jewel
“Transformative splendrous bassy groovesauce.” - My headphones
(Brandon Gibson-DeGroote / Most People + Dave Van-Ocean / boyBITCH)

// Akage No Anne
“Good cake.” - Their EP title

// Dinah Thorpe
“At times heartrending and real, in other moments twisted and funny...bold opinions and engaging beats.” - Xtra

PWYC (suggested $10)
Poster + video by Roxanne Ignatius:

Handlebar is not officially wheelchair accessible, as there is a small lip at the front door (ramp available). All washrooms are gender-neutral and washrooms on the main floor are wheelchair friendly. All Handlebar staff are trained in dealing with emergency situations, and creating a safe space.

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