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Precious Jewel

with Twin Rains and Valerie Dour


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From the Promoter

Precious Jewel return to the Handlebar stage to whisk us away to Titan! Gravity is serious there, by Jove, and so are the GROOVES! Assisting us by providing exit velocity and inspired propulsion are a duo of synthpop duos and one solo trouba-dour. Come dunk your feet in their synth bath!

// Precious Jewel
(Brandon Gibson-DeGroote + Dave Van-Ocean)

// Twin Rains
"Motivational melodies and despair, a sublime mindscape." -BeatRoute

// Valerie Dour
“Suoni interessanti.” - Vice

// Jazz Funeral
Pure electropop full of hooks and synthesized energy

PWYC (suggested $10)

Handlebar is not officially wheelchair accessible, as there is a small lip at the front door (ramp available). All washrooms are gender-neutral and washrooms on the main floor are wheelchair friendly. All Handlebar staff are trained in dealing with emergency situations, and creating a safe space.

Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a synth bath.

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