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Olivia And The Creepy Crawlies and Skye Wallace

with Averages

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Skye Wallace is a highly trained vocalist working to compile all of the stark elements of the Canadian landscape into a sort of musical archive. Inspired by historical non-fiction and field recordings, particularly the esteemed National Parks Project, Skye's songs are made out of stories that are hidden in plain sight. The resulting sound is both experimental and orchestral.

Originally from Toronto, Skye is currently residing, performing, and writing in Vancouver. She has played cities coast to coast, including St. John's, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, and Vancouver. Skye continues to cause a stir with tours and home shows.

Recently, a new album has been released, presenting a more orchestral, layered, and unique flavor. The release on March 23rd, 2013 took place in an alternative venue space in a downtown east side guitar factory and was filled to capacity with an energetic crowd. The album showcases 12 songs that form a cohesive collection, while each having their own individual sound. Produced by Cody Taylor of Fiend Recordings, it features Dominique Fricot, Jasper Sloan Yip, Bocephus King, and many more.

This Is How We Go will be toured across the country from the end of April to June. Sparked by the acceptance into VIARail's onboard entertainment program, Skye Wallace and violinist Devon Kroeger will embark on a tour with stops throughout Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, performing with many guest artists in each new city.

As Skye's collaborative spirit grows, so does the depth of the music made. Working under the sentiment that music will come together in the way that it's meant to, Skye exudes a sense of fearlessness and passion that is rare nowadays.