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with p0st3rb0y, Leucrocuta and Coarse Language

PWYC, $8 sugg.

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From the Promoter

Sustain your soul this winter with this emergency bunch of artists who can stabilize your creative equilibrium and inspire you to continue functioning as a feeling being. Just do what they do: use dark portals! It’s also Leucrocuta’s album release party for their new record on Lost Angles, and we are consumed with unholy fervor for its impending sustainable wizard momentum. Come celebrate with us! Make like a snowshoe and hover!

// ZA
A new project from avian electro-nonpareil Zoo OWL. A thrashy duo of rhythms, drones, and frayed electronics.

// Poster Boy - aka p0st3rb0y
Brilliant, chaotic electronic noise-pop from a dark future. No stages, no pretensions, raw honesty and catharsis through synthesized squalls and hypercompressed beats.

// Leucrocuta
Ingenious minimal dark-wave, ambient/experimental synth-pop. Album release party!

// Coarse Language
Speaker-rattling experimental electronic music. Yes it’s coarse, but there’s a smoothness too.

PWYC (suggested $10)
Poster + video by Roxanne Ignatius:

Handlebar is not officially wheelchair accessible, as there is a small lip at the front door (ramp available). All washrooms are gender-neutral and washrooms on the main floor are wheelchair friendly. All Handlebar staff are trained in dealing with emergency situations, and creating a safe space.

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