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Mike Doughty

with Wheatus

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Mike Doughty, the singer, songwriter, producer, author and founder of seminal 90’s band Soul
Coughing will be playing their debut LP Ruby Vroom in full across the U.S. in 2019.
Doughty will be joined on these dates by a cellist, bassist, and guitar player. While they will be
performing Ruby Vroom in its entirety, in the original sequence, what the audience experiences
will be different each night. “When I was looking for something to do between album cycles I
decided to tour Irresistible Bliss in full” explains Doughty. “It was incredibly fun forcing myself to
work within that structure. The decisions you make when putting together a set list are different
from the ones you make when sequencing a record. This is like performing a single, hour-long
piece of music.”
Rather than an exact replication of the studio recording, Doughty plans to use a variety of cues
and hand signals to adjust the performance in real time. “Live we turn into a musical super-
organism. We’re basically doing a real-time remix of the record at each show” tells Doughty. “It
won’t not be a note-for-note performance. I’m very proud of the record we made; it’s the sonic
embodiment of lower Manhattan in the early 1990’s. Yet there’s a whole other version of this
record that lives in my head. I’m extremely excited to see how it evolves night after night.”
Doughty has released 11 solo albums in the 21st Century, including Haughty Melodic and
Stellar Motel, and a memoir, The Book of Drugs (he’s currently writing a second one). He makes
electro tracks under the names UUL and Dubious Luxury; his opera Revelation was staged in
conjunction with WNYC; he’s currently writing songs with Wayne Kramer from the MC5. He
recently posted his 100th weekly new song for his Patreon subscribers. And, finally, he has
three improvised-music bands in Memphis, where he lives: Moticos, Baby Men, and Spooky


American alternative rock band founded in 1995 in Northport, New York.

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