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Fist of Facts

with Korea Town Acid and Phèdre

$12.50 advance

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Fist Of Facts began life in a basement studio on Ludlow Street, downtown Manhattan, in the mid-80s. The bastard child of Liquid Liquid’s Salvatore Principato & Ken Man Caldeira (part of the Liquid Liquid extended family and original Liquid Idiot member) the bands original carnation lasted nearly a decade during which they created a uniquely downtown New York sound evoking a musical, cultural and political construct that could only have evolved at that particular time in that particular place. The Fist Of Fact's sound was mostly captured on a 4-track recorder synched to some long expired sequencing software, however, in performance the band consisted of Sal, Ken Man and a computer or possibly a nine piece ensemble replete with a horn section. Never standing still long enough to be defined, Fist Of Facts defied any attempt to stifle the spirit of their music and strove to avoid compromise, digging deep into the idiosyncracies of their personal experiences, political understandings and musical sensibilities. The band developed through an ever changing lineup of significant contributors who passed through the studio or took to the stage to help decorate the sound and make their mark. Among those who contributed to this project were Mark Cunningham, Felice Rosser, Don Dowdye, Carlos Vivanco, Genevieve Boulet De Monvel, Jojo Kuo, James Duncan, Paddy Boom, Dave Mandl and many others. Their initial release was with Helvete Underground Records out of Geneva, Switzerland in 1988, in 2010 the London imprint, Claremont 56, released some of the bands archived recordings in a 500 limited edition vinyl copies. They periodically come together to update their music and play live shows.


Korea Town Acid has been creating a buzz in the Toronto dance music community with her focused, captivating live shows and eclectic DJ sets. As a classically trained pianist with a passion for improvisation and sonic experimentation, Jessica Cho transcends the dance floor into a wholly unique avant garde journey. Over the last few years Cho has proven her versatility in dozens of Toronto venues performing solo, and with former live house duo CHOBO. She has released a variety of tracks on labels such as Arachnidiscs, Archi-textures, Toy Tonics from Berlin, Sercret Jams from Bulgaria, and her solo EP on Toronto's Mikita Skyy. Her dynamic and consistent DJ sets and as well as her expressive live excursions have made her one of the most in demand electronic acts that the city has to offer. Her unique sound palette is a timeless fusion of raw gritty techno, funk, and free jazz proves a perfect fit for Toronto's bubbling new record label Cosmic Resonance, who will be featuring her debut mini-album this Spring. With a steady flow of upcoming festival appearances, educational workshops, and new recordings on the way, for Korea Town Acid and the techno pursuing public, the best is yet to come.


Melted-pop duo Phèdre make music for escaping. The visually evocative soundscapes emerging on their previous releases take form like a great comic; a concise narrative, bright colors, and psychedelic textures. If comic books had strobe lights Phedre‘s certainly would.

As for what they take from the real world, Phèdre‘s music borrows from hip-hop, psych and high-bpm electronica to make music digestible to internet-induced-ADD-types and also those who can sit through a heavily conceptual full-length.

Phèdre has toured extensively in North America and Europe, including playing shows in Mexico, Iceland and Russia. 2017 will see them entering a new cycle, with some new energetic releases.