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with Dorothea Paas and Sam Tudor

$12 advance

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Merival is Torontonian singer-songwriter Anna Horvath, drawing inspiration from tension and gathering from the romantic and familial with practiced vulnerability. She gained recognition in 2016 with the critically acclaimed EP Lovers and will release her debut full-length in summer 2019. Her songs carry questions, exploration, and an expectation of philosophical growth. With folk lyricism and sweeping dynamic range, she strives to make sense of the key arresting moments of life.


Dorothea writes contemplative and spacious guitar music that floats alongside dynamic, emotive vocal exploration. Has been described as “an elf from Lord of the Rings”; self-described as “Sarah McLachlan’s Daughter”.


Tudor's 2014 album 'The Modern New Year' got tucked into the airwaves of campus radio stations across the country, quietly earning him the beginnings of a cult following for his lo-fi pop music. Most recently, Tudor released the 2017 album Quotidian Dream, a collection of warm pop songs that further embrace his homemade ideas and experimental leanings. The album was critically acclaimed in Western Canada, and Sam has recently been living in Toronto. Sam's songs are soft spoken and clear, poignant and thoughtful.