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Graveyard and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

with Demob Happy

$30.50 advance, $45.50 door

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Uncle Acid & The

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With their fifth album, »Peace«,GRAVEYARDguides the listener through an ever-changing musical landscape filled with their trademark take on classic rock. From the opening track’s blistering declaration that ‘It Ain’t Over Yet’to the final note of heart beating bass on the epic and moody rocker ‘Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)’the band manage to squeeze out every last creative drop of what there is to know, hear and love about GRAVEYARDin 2018. To anyone who has followed GRAVEYARDthroughout their career it comes as no surprise that »Peace«offers yet another passionate display from band that utilises a wide variety of styles and moods. But, if you were to pin-point the one thing that really sets »Peace«aside from the band’s previous albums, it would be that the production on »Peace«is the band’s heaviest and most solid to date. “I wanted to capture the power and energy of the band that I’ve witnessed at their live shows. So we recorded the album the way that all the old classics were made; with no click tracks, triggered drums, autotuneor "studio trickery". The plan was to keep it simple and pure, with just the band and their music. Everything we added to a song had to be there for a reason and not justbecause we had empty tracks.”–Chips Kiesbye, producerFollowing on from previous album »Innocence & Decadence«, you could be forgiven for assuming that GRAVEYARDwould be taking a softer, more laid back approach to the songwriting for the follow-up. However, with »Peace«, GRAVEYARD havegone back to their roots, whilst also evolving and finding creative outlets to showcase the band’s softer side and influences.


The Night Creeper is the new album by Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats.
Contained within are ten tracks of the type of sonic psyche-frazzling heaviness and blood-drenched pop that have
made Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats one of Britain’s great cult bands.

Recorded at Toe Rag studios in early 2015 with engineer Liam Watson (White Stripes, Tame Impala, Electric Wizard), their fourth opus The Night Creeper finds the quartet in full-on
death-tripping, third eye-widening mode. Here songs ooze louche evil over flesh-melting riffs that creep like hot magma bubbling up through the earth’s crust at their own
malevolent pace. This album is in no hurry to destroy you. But it will. It will.


Brighton based Garage Rock band