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Sonic Unyon 25th Anniversary Show and Tristan Psionic

with Sianspheric, Basement Revolver and Bankruptcy

$10 advance

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Advance tickets also available at The Horseshoe Tavern front bar


Formed in 1994 in Hamilton, Ontario, their first album, 1995's "Somnium," was critically successful but commercially was a non-factor. Three more albums were released before the band broke up in 2001: "There's Always Someplace You'd Rather Be" (1998), "Else" (1999), and "The Sound of The Colour of The Sun" (2001). Sianspheric reformed in 2005 and released "RGB," a live concert DVD, and a new single, the 7-inch "I Wouldn't Expect You To Understand."

Formerly known as SIANspheric4.

Sean Ramsay: guitars, vocals
Jay Patterson: bass guitar
Locksley Taylor: guitars
Matthew Durrant: drums


Indie rock trio from Hamilton, Ontario

Brandon Munro - Drums
Nimal Agalawatte - Bass/Synth
Chrisy Hurn - Guitar/Vocals