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Ambient Ping: Tribute to Phil Ogison

$8 door

From the Promoter

THE AMBiENT PiNG presents A Tribute to Phil Ogison

.. featuring music and visuals from dreamSTATE + Sylken + Wally Jericho + subductionCurrent + Lorne David Thomson + Jeff Howard + General Chaos Visuals

.. with poetry readings by Philip Cairns + Norman Allan + Kai Thomas set to a soundtrack by Phil Ogison.

Soon after our artistic ally, the multi-dimensional Phil Ogison Aegidiussen, passed away last fall, we decided to do a musical tribute where some of Phil's longtime collaborators could come together and jam with Phil one more time through the aid of our recordings with Phil.

Phil was long a part of the PiNG family and graced our stage many times with his fluid guitar-based sonic journeys. During his PiNG days, Phil performed solo as The Devil in the Design, but was also an integral part of subductionCurrent (with his life partner Catherine Taomesre Tammaro), Psychosomatic Climax Machine and Amoeba Starfish. Phil, you will always be with us and remain an inspiration.

PiNG doors open at 8:30pm . 1st set at 9:00 . $8-10

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