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NXNE: Swamp Dogg

$25 advance

From the Promoter

NXNE presents Deep Soul legend Swamp Dogg making his Canadian debut at The Rec Room!

One of the most elusive and obscure—while at the same time iconic and influential—singers of popular music, Swamp Dogg has persevered for over five decades as an entertainer in various capacities. Since his transformation in the late 1960s from Jerry Williams to Swamp Dogg, he has incorporated his sense of humor into his music, especially in songs like “Total Destruction to Your Mind” from his classic first album. With his strange lyrics and oft-times absurd subject matter, Swamp Dogg never gained mainstream attention via his own music. He has, however, had more than a modicum of success as a producer and songwriter, spanning the R&B, rock and country genres. He has worked with artists like Johnny Paycheck, Gene Pitney and Arthur Conley throughout his career.

Raunchy, satirical, political, and profane, Swamp Dogg is one of the great cult figures of American music. The creation of Jerry Williams, Jr., an R&B producer and songwriter who first found success in the '60s, Swamp Dogg fit no tidy category. In sheer musical terms, most of Swamp Dogg's work is pure Southern soul, though he showed a greater dependence on drum machines and synthesizers from 1989's “I Called for a Rope and They Threw Me a Rock” onward, and he dove headfirst into eccentric electronics on 2018's “Love, Loss and Auto-Tune”. The new album see’s Williams collaborate with Polica’s Ryan Olson and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon to create a sound for our synthetic future, a new sound that still embodies Swamp Dogg’s trademark deep soul roots.

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