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Planet of the Loops

$8 door

From the Promoter

featuring Planet of the Loops with Andrew Aldridge, Wally Jericho, Steven Sauvé, Cheryl O, Kurt Swinghammer, Scott M2, Jamie Todd + General Chaos Visuals

.. Once upon a time, long ago, before even THE AMBiENT PiNG was born, Planet Of The Loops achieved earth orbit and colourful sonic auroras began to fill the night skies of Toronto on a regular basis. Founded and led by Andrew Aldridge, the rotating crew of loopers from the Planet spun hours of delicious looping improvisations and always with large helpings of ambience.

A migration from the Planet to the PiNG was a natural flow and all the earliest PiNG performers were Planetary Crew. The PiNG (then weekly) soon began hosting Planet Of The Loops on a monthly basis and our orbital paths were entwined for many years.

For the THE AMBiENT PING's 20th Anniversary show, we've invited the Planet back for a night of looping improvisations with a veteran POTL crew selected from the PiNG's 1st year of performances. Here's your looping lineup:
Andrew Aldridge - guitar
Wally Jericho (the 1st artist to play the PiNG on August 17th, 1999) - trumpet
Steven Sauvé - laptop / Cheryl O - cello
Kurt Swinghammer - guitar
Scott M2 - modular synth
Jamie Todd - electronics

.. General Chaos Visuals -

PiNG doors open at 8:30pm . 1st set at 9:00 . $8-10

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