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Les Stroud


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es Stroud has made a powerful name in the world of documentary filmmaking, indeed starting an entirely new genre of TV, yet he comes by his music honestly. Since the age of fourteen, Stroud has been writing songs and studying music. By age 23 his music was being shopped to the likes of Bruce Springsteen and he was a published songwriter with RCA/BMG music.

Taking a break from music to concentrate on outdoor adventure throughout the mid ‘80s and early ‘90s, Stroud eventually returned to his first love when he found an old guitar in a house in Yellowknife, NWT in Canada, while he was dog sitting 30 Inuit sled dogs (go figure!). He re-ignited his passion for music creation and, picking up where he left off, began writing again. He continued to write and record all through the inception and eventual success of filming the Survivorman TV series - this included writing the theme music for any documentary work he produced and releasing 4 CDs as well as giving hundreds of concerts (in between the Survivorman location shoots).