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Xiu Xiu

with Jessica Moss
All Ages

$17 advance, $20 door

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From the Promoter

The long running & unclassifiable band fronted by singer / composer / tortured mastermind Jamie Stewart is at it again with their 2019 release "Girl with Basket of Fruit" on Polyvinyl. This tour sees Jamie join forces with the Swans rhythm section of Thor Harris & Christopher Pravdica. Haunting emotional ballads channeled through a filter of writhing vocal whispers and harsh noise gurglings juxtapose against frantic rhythmic electronics, Stewart's vocals shouting into an industrial, brutal techno influenced void. A true chameleon of the post punk world, Xiu Xiu merges influences from pop music sorrow, caustic noisescapes, the outskirts of electronic dance music and a sundry of other cut by hand puzzle pieces. Xiu Xiu effortlessly balances darkness with light in a crippling display of brutal force and subtle care. Not to be missed!

Montreal violinist & vocalist Jessica Moss (Silver Mt. Zion), continues to ride the rails behind her 2nd solo LP "Entanglement" on Constellation Records, following the evolution of her solo music for violin, voice & electronics. Tortured violin loops weave a web of bristly yet comforting fur. Errant vibrations blistering into distorted notes. Beauty finds a way to exist amongst inevitable sorrow. Contemplative and cosmic sound pieces exist in a space between the global hum. Get here on time for an inspiring & introspective performance.

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