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Bonnie Trash

with Cherry Blaster, Klit Kult and Sea Beau

PWYC, $10 sugg.

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From the Promoter

Bonnie Trash

Cherry Blaster

Sea Beau

$10/ NOTA


safer space policy - bartenders have completed the Dandelion Initiative training for safer spaces and there is a naloxone kit on site. there will be absolutely NO TOLERANCE for any kind of hate speech or unwanted attention. If you are experiencing any issue at the venue please do not hesitate to speak to staff.

washrooms - On the same floor as main venue, no stairs, single stall

seating - Several seats & booths available. benches near the front of the stage can provide more spacious seating for those in need.

entrance - Narrow entrance walkway outside, 1 small step into venue. the door is not automatic. door staff will be around to help.

helpers - care workers and helper staff are welcome to attend free of charge. in fact, since this is a no one turned away event, nobody will be turned away at the door for lack of funds. all are welcome

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