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Sing Leaf

with Kitzl, Halogen Hearts and Twin Rains

$8 door

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Sing Leaf

David Como's Sing Leaf is the product of introversion, but his musical palette is anything but. He paints with sweeping, colourful strokes, dotting Middle Eastern flecks onto psych-rock and folk, blending organic instruments with electronic synths. What ultimately connects it all is Como's Bob Dylan-esque vocals which creak beautifully under the emotional heft of his lyrics.


Canadian artist Kitzl taps into a place both primal and other-worldly.
Matching blissful electronics to off piste pop songwriting, her work is both vivid and supremely independent.

Halogen Hearts

Halogen Hearts is an electronic music artist and producer. His recently released sophomore EP Artifacts II reflects a blend of dream, electropop and alternative dance influences. Dense layers of synths and guitars swirl over driving basslines and percussion, washed-out vocals tell stories from chaos and shock to nostalgic bliss, and lush effects deconstruct samples from the urban and natural environments to create vivid soundscapes. Halogen Hearts' live show is an energetic presentation of live electronic music that's both dissonant and danceable.

Twin Rains

Twin Rains is a dream pop band from Toronto. Their debut album, Automatic Hand, earned them a contract as songwriters with Rough Trade Publishing. Lush textures and laid-back grooves fill out the band's sound which features elements of synth pop, psych rock and ethereal ambiance.

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