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Ami Dang

with Kat Estacio and Memory Pearl

$10 advance, $12 door

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From the Promoter

Baltimore based vocalist, electronic artist & sitar player Ami Dang takes classical indian music modes & melds them with dark avant pop electronics. Her voice infectious like a fog, drifts everywhere through her compositions. Electronic glitched beats & manipulated drones sweat out hints of avant garde noise textures, subdued as they dance with silky sitar tones and Ami's soaring full bodied vocals. Her latest album "Parted Plains" sees Dang dive deep into a world of layered sitar textures morphed into ambient landscapes through twisting electronics. Intricate sound worlds blossom & decay as Ami weaves wavering notes & dissonant hums together in a beautiful marriage of strange melodies.

Tkaronto (Toronto)-based Kat Estacio blends delicate, abstract electronics with the traditional gong music of the Philippines to produce an engrossing, mirage-like listening experience.

Moshe Fisher-Rozenberg of Absolutely Free unveils his latest solo project Memory Pearl. Waves of gentle synth tones curl over each other in tranquil motion. Sombre piano notes birth a more frenetic synthetic dance as tape loops speed up. Blurred electronic shredding decays into the a sparse yet joyful sonic landscape. Moshe borrows some of his language from krautrock & minimalism, while filling in the rest with nods to contemporary avant electronics and modern composition. Futuristic music that looks to the past, Memory Pearl is a meditative journey into the active dreamscape.

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