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The Body In Question

with Bonecreak Ulysses and Stuart Clark

$8 door

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The Body In

From the Promoter

THE AMBiENT PiNG presents Bonecreak Ulysses / The Body In Question + Stuart Clark + General Chaos Visuals

.. Bonecreak Ulysses is the solo project of Charles Hackbarth, a Toronto based artist, writer and musician. Inspired by Nurse With Wound, Zoviet France, Tod Dockstader, Rapoon, Dead Voices on Air, Bonecreak Ulysses was born in Hackbarth's basement studio as a way to explore the expressive properties of sound, from harsh noise and everyday sounds to the most exquisite music. Using the sampler as a compositional tool, Hackbarth creates layers of shifting and episodic aural intrigue.

.. The Body In Question (BiQ) consists of two core members, Marc Cohen and Charles Hackbarth. Using synths, samplers, guitars, and various electronic gizmos, BiQ creates spontaneous sonic tapestries which sound like the soundtracks of unmade movies. Inspired by improvised music, industrial, post industrial, 20th century composers, jazz, along with current electronic explorers. The Body in Question believes in working “without a net”. Starting with one or two basic themes, BiQ creates what Damo Suzuki calls spontaneous compositions.

.. Stuart Clark is a Toronto based musician and sound artist who has been exploring modular synthesis for close to twenty years. Currently exploring the sonic realms of both digital and analog systems with an ipad and a powerful portable modular system, Stuart has been a contributor at DRONE:KLUB and has appeared at many PiNG and dreamSTATE drones. Longtime PiNG goers still remember the legendary ‘Creepy’ Stuart Clark's Halloween Specials in 2000 and 2002.

.. General Chaos Visuals

PiNG doors open at 8:30pm . 1st set at 8:30 . $8-10

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